RSVP Bridge web-based scoring

Bridge Club Games ... Online or Face-to-Face

RSVP Bridge brings your bridge club online. Whether your club plays online or face-to-face, RSVP Bridge provides tools for club management, communications, reservations, and game play.


Members can sign up in advance for games, or send invitations to other players to play. Managers can send email reminders.

Online Play

Play from home with easy-to-use game play, coordinated with per-table audio and/or video chat provided via free Discord accounts

Face to Face

For face-to-face games, RSVP offers at-the-table score entry via a player’s smart phone or tablet. Scores are available instantly at the end of the game.

RSVP Bridge is device-friendly and works on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

RSVP Bridge is entirely web-based so there is no software to set up on servers to install.

Take payments for your games through our R-Bucks credit system.

Pricing for Online Play

Smaller Clubs
Up to 500 members
Up to 5,000 email messages
$2 per person per game
or 10% of fee charged
No monthly minimum
Larger Clubs
Up to 1,000 members
Up to 10,000 email messages
$1 per person per game
or 10% of fee charged
Must play at least 50 tables per month

RSVP Bridge is a club-based system. Only your club members will have access to your games.

You set your game fee, which is collected from players via our R-Bucks credit system. If your game fee is greater than the fee charged by RSVP Bridge, the remainder is sent to the club at month-end.

If your game fee is less than the amount charged by RSVP Bridge, the club will be charged the difference.

Interested in scoring for face-to-face play? Or just the reservations system? Contact us for pricing.

Get RSVP Bridge for Your Club

Contact us at for a free demo or to play as a guest in one of our games.