RSVP Bridge web-based scoring

The fun part of bridge is playing bridge.

RSVP Bridge solves two common bridge group headaches: who's coming, and keeping score.

Robust event signup tools keep track of who's coming, who needs a partner, who can sub, for events months in advance. Signup tools are designed for party, duplicate, and casual bridge games.

Elegant, easy-to-use duplicate scoring tools provide real-time updates to all logged-in members. Watch your personal scoresheet update as scores are entered. At the end of the game, results are available instantly.

RSVP for Events

Members can RSVP in advance for games. Managers can track signups and send reminder emails.

Duplicate Scoring

Easy, instant duplicate scoring makes scorekeeping a breeze.


No software to install.
No servers to set up.


Works on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

From some of our users...

〝RSVP has made keeping score and rotating to the correct table in the right seat with the correct boards a no brainer. Highly recommend RSVP for all bridge groups.〞
〝I play with more confidence knowing that the scores will be correct.〞
〝RSVP has made my experience with bridge much more enjoyable. I’m so spoiled now I really don’t like to play games that don’t use RSVP.〞
〝It’s easier to sign up and the notifications are a reminder of time and place where you are playing.〞
〝Score keeping is so much easier, I really don’t like to use paper travelers anymore. With RSVP the score is always right.〞
〝RSVP Bridge has really helped me improve my skills by allowing me to review the travelers and leads after the game to see where my play needed improvement.〞
〝I hate change.  (I just got rid of my flip-phone last year!).  But RSVP is wonderful. [...] the best thing is that when you get home after a session, you can look back at hands you just played, see what you did wrong, see what you did right, and see how the "better" players got to the right contract.  It's also easy to see which leads were effective, which ones were not. AND, it's easy to use and navigate.〞
〝As a player, I find using the RSVP system to be wonderfully easy and informative.  It is user-friendly, provides instant feedback and does not interfere with the play of hands.〞
〝The RSVP system includes a timing clock for each round, so all players can clearly see the time remaining.  This helps to keep the game moving along smoothly.〞
〝Personally, I love being able to see both the results and the hand records on the RSVP system immediately following each round.  If there is a minute or two before the next round starts or if I have a sit-out, I can review a hand and what others did to see what might have been.〞
(Directors can control when and if players can see travelers and hand records.)
〝This is the future of bridge at clubs.〞
〝The RSVP system really brings duplicate bridge scoring into the 21st century.  The widely available platform, ease of use and depth of information provided make RSVP a great system for any club or tournament.〞
〝The first thing that struck me about RSVP Bridge was how fast and easy it is to keep score compared with using paper travelers. RSVP has greatly reduced the number of scoring errors and has improved the pace of play in the games that I direct.〞
〝Because players and directors use their personal devices to connect to RSVP, clubs can start using this system without the initial investment in equipment required by other automated scoring systems.
〝As a director, I find setting up games in RSVP Bridge to be fast and very easy. I love the many special features of RSVP, including the built-in timer, the ability to see which tables have not yet finished the current round, and the many options for determining how results will be displayed to the players. I also love the easy-to-use player database and the associated e-mail functions.〞
〝A helpful feature of RSVP Bridge is the ability to see who has signed up to play in future events and who might be looking for a partner.〞
〝As manager/scorer of senior ladies duplicate bridge clubs, using RSVP has changed the drudgery of managing to a delightful experience.〞
〝RSVP helps the player’s ability to improve by studying the leads and other contracts played in that hand.〞
〝RSVP is a complex program made easy for those technically challenged. The screens are easy to read with all information needed just a click away. Instructions are clear and mistakes are simple to correct.〞
〝I LOVE RSVP Bridge.〞
〝I like seeing the percentage and how it changes as play progresses. I like being able to see the traveler and hand record. But I especially like that everyone at the table with a phone can see the score. It cuts down on discussion.〞
(Directors can control when and if players can see travelers, percentages and hand records.)
〝I also like that RSVP lists the players names. I would always choose a game using RSVP over [other scoring systems].〞
〝RSVP is a major upgrade from using [other scoring systems]. The user interface and functions assist in better game management.〞
〝I have played bridge for over twenty years and frequently notice the confusion that accompanies scorekeeping. RSVP solves the problem. RSVP is easy to use and easy to see, and most important of all it’s always accurate.〞
〝The program is very intuitive so there is almost no learning curve.〞
〝[This] has elevated bridge scoring to a new level of fun and clarity. Not only is RSVP Bridge easy and convenient for players of all levels, but for more serious players, it is a sophisticated way to mine data from every hand you play.〞
〝I have watched players of all levels find it a pleasure to use this system. I am extraordinarily impressed by [the developer's] proactive approach to continually improve the system.〞
〝RSVP Bridge ... has been instrumental in my decision to join the ... sanctioned game in my area, as well as joining the ACBL.〞


Take advantage of our introductory pricing!

RSVP Bridge is a subscription-based service.
Clubs pay a monthly fee based on their membership size and tables in play each month.
There is no charge to club members.

Plans are available with and without scoring capabilities.

These plans do NOT include online play. Pricing with online play will be announced soon.

250 active members
75 tables
2,000 email messages
Single Club
With Scoring and Results:
Management Only:
500 active members
150 tables
4,000 email messages
Single Club
With Scoring and Results:
Management Only:
1,500 active members
450 tables
12,000 email messages
3 Clubs
With Scoring and Results:
Management Only:

Get RSVP Bridge for Your Club

We are adding a limited number of new clubs at this time.
Please contact us for details if you are interested.

In the meantime, we are starting online bridge tournaments for charity. We play online right within RSVP Bridge, and use Discord to provide integrated per-table audio chat. You can watch some videos on our YouTube channel.

If your club would like to participate in our tournaments, please contact us. Your players can play in our open games, or we can arrange a separate section just for your club.